As an organisation that has always been an innovator, ComLink is constantly looking at ways to be more efficient and effective in delivering quality services to our clients across all regions in Queensland.

This year ComLink purchased two office spaces: to house the Mackay office staff and an office in a building just down the road from Head Office, to house Central Services.

Central Services was introduced very early last year to support the 12 regions of ComLink. It has grown and developed over the last eighteen months to be a very important and efficient part of the organisation.

Due to the enormous growth ComLink has had over the last 12 months, in Home Care Packages as well as Commonwealth Home Support Program, has meant staffing growth; therefore, things were becoming quite cramped in Head Office.

Central Services has an amazing team, who are dedicated in ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience when booking, changing bookings, cancelling bookings or being registered due to receiving a referral from My Aged Care.

The Central Services staff are empathetic and passionate people who want our clients to only receive the best possible service. This is evidenced by the number of compliments Central Services receive on a daily basis.

Central Services is also responsible for updating the database, ensuring all clients’ information is the most current. They also will perform the Client Satisfaction surveys from time to time to ensure that ComLink delivers the highest quality services, to our clients.

ComLink will continue to encourage all our clients to be active participants and have a say to ensure that we are always being the best we can be!