HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMLINK! On the night of Saturday November 4, ComLink turned 30 and held itself a small, quiet, birthday affair for 270 of our closest friends!

The gala event held at Lake Kawana Community Centre celebrated three decades of ComLink’s achievement and was a roaring success.

The night began with drinks and canapes as guests arrived, and if it took too long to have everyone seated it could only have been because of all our wonderful staff and volunteers being so dressed to the nines we couldn’t recognise who they were. As we sat, cheese platters were presented, the lights dimmed and our Emcee was introduced. Played on to the stage to the tune of Uptown Funk, our resident funny man and Sunrise producer Dante Ceccon brought the room to life with his wit and humour.

Between each segment of the night our guests were treated to some compulsory ad viewing, given we are of course a Not-For-Profit registered charity. These turned out to be humorous, staff-made ad parodies which were well received and showed off our team’s creative side. Maybe one day you will catch us on the Gruen Transfer? ComLink acknowledged its founders with reflections from its valued alumni. Jean Hughes, Mick Graham and Bruce Warrell shared their journeys and wove together the story of how ComLink came to be the greatest care organisation in the world.

Wrapping up the not-so-formal formalities of the night, CEO Feda Adra, gave the keynote address, ‘New Beginnings’. Feda spoke with emotion and conviction, recalling her own personal story of migrating to Australia, and both the power and importance of change. The message? That we don’t need to know the future right away, but if we embrace the changes ahead of us and never lose sight of our values, we will continue to achieve our purpose.

At the conclusion of her speech, Feda had one last surprise for her guests. The screen rolled down for what she promised would be a very ‘serious’ video. ‘A Day in the Life of a ComLink Driver’ proved to be a hit, making the audience laugh, cry and everything in between. You can check out this fantastic movie here.

All that was left to do was cut our special 30-year anniversary cake, and dance the night away. And speaking of dancing…a fierce lip-sync battle was fought between three ComLink departments: Transport, Care, and Head Office. While Transport won the day, Care provided the performance of a lifetime and probably won the applause metre… Oh the controversy. We all look forward to next year’s rematch!

Our live house band for the evening had everyone up and dancing and was cheered on into giving a much needed encore! Luckily, everyone took a memento of the night in the photo booth that they could keep and cherish.

It was all round a wonderful night and we were privileged to be able to celebrate our great organisation with all our friends and ComLink family.